ABOUT Y.S.R. Elementary Teacher Training Institute

Welcome to Y.S.R. Elementary Teacher Training Institute

The institution has dedicated itself to the service of society by educating teachers and preparing professional educators for all levels. It is one of the premier institutions in the area.

We have a long history of excellence and repute and have a solemn commitment to address ourselves vigorously to the needs arising from a dynamic and rapidly changing society by aligning ourselves to the requirement of the new age of teaching, conducting research, disseminating new knowledge and developing application for existing knowledge. We also believe in preparing life-long learners who are able to apply their knowledge in a cross cultural and diverse society.


The Vision of YSR Institution is to emerge as an “Organization of Excellence” offering Job Oriented Education and prepare the students to meet Global Challenges of the future with courage and conviction.


By following the trading education concepts, we adopted new technologies and methods. It helps a student for all round development.

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